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Nail Drill Bits (Ceramic)

    1. Ceramic Nail Drill Bits(Round Bit)This rounded top drill bit works great on nail extensions and cuticle areas, as it is able able to shave the gel or acrylic nail fast and effortlessly.
    1. Ceramic Nail Drill Bits (Flame Shape Drill Bit)The flame shape drill bit is useful for new and inexperienced nail technicians, who are more apt to apply the gel nail product too thickly or have not yet mastered thinning the nail. This ceramic nail drill bit is suitable for treating ultra-thick gel nails and hyper-keratosis.

Nail drill bits are necessary tools in nail sculpting. Many skilled nail technicians find them indispensable tools to make nail services faster.

As carbide bits can be too sharp for beginner techs, ceramic nail bits are much gentler on the skin and vary in shape and size.

Each of Wilson's ceramic nail drill bits are durable and elegant, and can be manufactured in different geometric shapes, including cylindrical, tapered, football and flame-shaped drill bits. Whatever type of nail sculpting needs to be done, we can supply the right ceramic nail drill bit, in a variety of colors including white, black and pink.