Nail Drill Bits and Dental Tungsten Carbide Burs Manufacturer

Wilson has long been a trusted supplier of the right tools for people that work in nail salons, dental clinics or drilling tool dealers. Our tungsten carbide cutting tools are essential for helping those people carry out nail and dental services quickly, efficiently and correctly. We have an extensive online catalogue of nail drill bits, dental drill bits and end mills that have been supplied to customers all over the world. Have an idea for a customized product? Request a sample to figure out if it meets your tool and specific application. We guarantee the quality of each and every carbide bit we manufacture.

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    1. Each of Wilson's carbide bits are built to a specific make and model of nail drills, dental drills and dental milling machines. This is what makes them unique. We do have a catalogue of standard carbide burs, however, we do know that many times products need to be customized and require personal attention.